In the week of the General Election, Clifton with Rawcliffe Primary School has been holding their own elections for their new House Captains. The school was used as a Polling Station for the general election the day before and two school councillors wrote to the City of York Council to ask if the polling booths and ballot boxes could remain in school for the next day. The Council agreed and even supplied the stationery and posters for the event which took place on Friday 13 December!

The two School Councillors, Chloe and Millicent, who wrote to the local council were delighted to receive a response the same day. “We were shocked when we heard how quickly the Council responded and agreed! Having the same equipment for voting made the whole experience more exciting for the pupils.”

Year 6 pupils have been busy campaigning to be elected as the first House Captains at Clifton with Rawcliffe. New houses have been introduced following consultation with parents, pupils and staff and a lot of research from the School Council. Four significant local people were chosen for their inspirational contributions to society and life in Britain: William Wilberforce, Amy Johnson, Barbara Jane Harrison and George Leeman were selected to be house names.

Andy Herbert, Headteacher, was delighted with the responses from the pupils: “It was great to see the enthusiasm the Year 6 children had for this first ever election of our House Captains. So many were willing to stand which is a tribute to their leadership qualities and commitment to the school”.

On the day after the General Election, pupils and staff filed through the voting booths to cast their votes using the same ballot boxes as the day before.

Andrew Flecknor, Deputy Acting Returning Officer at City of York Council, said: “We’re delighted to see this election taking place and are very happy to loan it some of our polling booths, signage and a ballot box. The event is a brilliant way of helping children understand the principles of voting and our democratic tradition.”

This was a truly democratic experience reflecting our British Values and democracy. From a list of 23 Year 6 pupils who put themselves forward to stand, four were elected following the ballot to serve as the first House Captains for the school.