Whole School Curriculum Intent

At Clifton with Rawcliffe we teach our children the core values of Respect, Resilience, Responsibility, Friendship and Independence and these values underpin the whole of our curriculum offer:.

When planning our curriculum, we consider:

  • What do our pupils need to know?

  • What skills will our pupils need in the future?

  • What personal qualities do we need to promote in our children?

We teach children the ways in which they can make a difference to their community, their country and the wider world.

We closely follow the National Curriculum to ensure that our pupils are taught the fundamentals. We look to meet the specific needs of our own pupils by providing learning that takes into consideration their context and their life experiences. We believe we have a curriculum that is right for the pupils of Clifton with Rawcliffe. Our curriculum is made up of:

  • Explicit curriculum: subjects that are taught and the knowledge and skills that the school expects children to acquire

  • Implicit curriculum: lessons that arise from the culture of the school and the behaviours, attitudes, and expectations that characterise that culture

  • Hidden curriculum: things which pupils learn but are not openly intended or planned

We aim to develop creative thinkers who embrace a wide range of opportunities in order to become rounded individuals with different interests.  We maximise the opportunities that living in York offers and this is a key driver for our curriculum.

Our curriculum aims to engage and inspire learners by providing them with the skills and knowledge they will need to succeed. Highly stimulating topics, a rigorous iterative approach, and a clearly sequenced build up means that our curriculum is accessible to all.

Our approach is ambitious as we understand the need for children to retain knowledge and build upon prior learning. We aim to prepare each pupil with the necessary attributes they need for the next step in their academic journey.


We follow the National Curriculum for Year groups 1-6 and Development Matters in the Early Years.

We teach an ambitious one year cycle of topics and year groups work together to plan, teach and assess these. This approach ensures a secure buildup of knowledge and skills. We have adopted this approach to ensure that we create better learners who know and remember more.

Whilst we do teach the full range of subjects, they are not often taught in isolation.  We group key knowledge and skills in our themes and base our learning around real experiences for children – including going on trips or having visitors in school to talk to us.

Where there are opportunities for making meaningful connections with other topics, our history topics are sequenced accordingly. For example, the project Dynamic Dynasties is taught alongside the art and design project Taotie to give children a better all-round understanding of ancient Chinese arts and culture.

Our curriculum has also been designed to maximise our location (York/North Yorkshire) and the breadth of Geography and History knowledge that this location can inspire. For example when studying Britain at War we visit Eden Camp, when learning about Britain at War. When learning about the Coastline we visit Whitby.

We have also ensured that our curriculum is text based and a broad range of quality texts have been chosen for every year group for every term.

Each subject area has its own intent, implementation and impact statement. Subject leaders carry out quality assurance which informs their action plan.

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