Clifton with Rawcliffe Primary School, consider the provision of a Foreign Language (FL) to all children within school, as an integral part of the curriculum and whole school ethos.

Having identified Spanish as a “world language of opportunity”, all children at Clifton with Rawcliffe have been learning Spanish since September 2009, from Year 3 through to Year 6 with dedicated language teachers in each Phase.

Here at CwR, we are responsible for educating children for the future as independent learners, which eventually leads them to job opportunities, career paths and employment and the following quote helps validate the benefits of the learning of Spanish as a worldwide language:

“The decline of French and German would be of limited consequence if young people were instead learning Spanish or Mandarin, equipping them to do business across the world in the 21st century’s global economy.”

Richard Lambert, Confederation of British Industry

Languages programmes of study

Foreign Languages Policy 2021

Spanish website links to support learning at home

BBC Primary Spanish Interactive activities, games, printable worksheets.

BBC Schools – Parents Supports learning languages at home.

Consejería de Educación Downloadable worksheets, games and activities from the Education Department of the Spanish Embassy in the UK.

 La Tienda de Luis  1-5  Series is downloadable. Includes interactive games based on the Channel 4 series.

Centro Virtual Cervantes Information on food, colours, families and role-play scenarios.

Chicomania Online games and stories.

El Cuentacuentos Traditional stories in Spanish.