“In primary schools, we want the subjects to put in place the key building blocks of healthy, respectful relationships, focusing on family and friendships, in all contexts, including online. This will sit alongside the essential understanding of how to be healthy.”
“These subjects represent a huge opportunity to help our children and young people develop. The knowledge and attributes gained will support their own, and others’ wellbeing and attainment and help young people to become successful and happy adults who make a meaningful contribution to society.”

Secretary of State Foreword   DfE Guidance 2019 p.4-5


At CWR School, we teach Relationships, Social, Health Education as a whole-school approach to underpin children’s development as people and because we believe that this also supports their learning capacity.

We use the Jigsaw Programme which offers a comprehensive, carefully thought-through Scheme of Work which brings consistency and progression to our children’s learning in this vital curriculum area. The overview of the programme can be seen on the school website.

Here, at CWR School we value RSHE as one way to support children’s development as human beings, to enable them to understand and respect who they are, to empower them with a voice and to equip them for life and learning.

To ensure progression and a spiral curriculum, we use Jigsaw, the mindful approach to PSHE, as our chosen teaching and learning programme and tailor it to children’s needs.


Children will learn to follow the shared rules on the Jigsaw charter which allows them to listen to others and their differing opinions. They learn to consider different values and to respect the views of others.

Children will develop an inclusive mindset, allowing them to respect themselves, be able to express their own personal values and opinion with those that they encounter.


The Jigsaw programme builds resilience in children, equips them for life and underpins their capacity to learn. We believe emotional resilience can be taught, practised and developed.

Children will learn to show real resilience and will understand that making mistakes is part of the learning process. They will develop the confidence to have another go, keep on trying and make good progress.


Jigsaw develops children’s personal, social and economic development as well as their health and well-being. This will enable them to become independent learners in educational settings. 

Children will also be equipped to go into the world with the skills to be independent and with an understanding of how to look after themselves, their health, relationships and wellbeing.


Children will work together to create a safe, happy environment, following the Jigsaw charter, in which everyone feels accepted.

Children will learn to take responsibility for their own learning and respect the rights of others to learn.

Using the Jigsaw philosophy, children will develop an awareness of the shared learning environment and how to look after it.

Children will develop the confidence to go into the world with an understanding of how to look after themselves and others in relation to relationships, health and mental health.


Children will be able to apply skills taught within the Jigsaw charter to nurture friendship. They will respect others, share and listen to others thoughts and opinions with an inclusive mindset.

Children will support each other and create a playful environment in which everyone feels safe, happy and accepted.


At CWR, we follow the Jigsaw Framework which is sequential and split into 6 different units:

  1. BM (Being Me in My World)
    ‘Who am I and how do I fit?’
  2. CD (Celebrating Difference)
    Respect for similarity and difference. Anti-bullying and being unique
  3. DG (Dreams and Goals)
    Aspirations, how to achieve goals and understanding the emotions that go with this
  4. HM (Healthy Me)
    Being and keeping safe and healthy
  5. RL (Relationships)
    Building positive, healthy relationships
  6. CM (Changing Me)
    Coping positively with change

Each year group teaches one unit from Jigsaw each half term, ensuring coverage and progression of the national curriculum objectives.


We promote Relationship and Health Education through whole school focus on events and weeks, for example Anti Bullying Week and walk to school.