At CwR, we have a set of Core Values which we follow. These have been drawn up by children and adults for all children and adults. We believe these will help us as we work together, play together and grow and develop as confident people who are fully prepared for the challenges of school and work.

These Core Values guide us each day and we use them to reward children’s good behaviour and encourage them to improve their behaviour when needed.

We talk about these Core Values in our learning areas, in assemblies, as part of our curriculum and they are displayed around the school. We believe these are values we all should live by.

We believe we should show these attitudes and actions towards each other and our work:

  • We are respectful of others: we treat others as we wish them to treat us.
  • We approach life with resilience; we have self-belief and challenge ourselves.
  • We work as a team and show friendship towards each other.
  • We are independent, organised and try to solve our own problems whenever we can.
  • We are responsible for our words, actions and belongings.

Our vision is for a CwR pupil to be:

  • a resilient, confident learner, fully prepared for the next stage of their life
  • driven to achieve their best academically
  • able to work confidently in a group or on their own using the full range of creative learning spaces at CwR
  • able to understand that failure is only a part of the journey to success
  • respectful of others, especially those who hold different beliefs and customs
  • able to take the skills and knowledge they have and use it to solve problems, find solutions and engage in deeper thinking
  • a part of the wider community and feel valued and supported by their peers
  • happy and secure in relationships with other learners, parents, staff and the local community
  • proud of their achievements and successes
  • hard working, understanding that effort is needed to achieve the best things in life
  • well supported and engaged by excellent teaching
  • able to thrive through the support of family, friends and CwR School
  • ready to move on to the next stage of their learning