In response to wishes expressed by the majority of parents, the Governing Body has decided that all pupils attending the school should wear a uniform as follows:

Nursery (FS1) Boys and Girls

  • Pale blue t-shirt
  • Pale blue sweatshirt

Boys (FS2 – Y6)

  • Grey or black trousers
  • Red or navy blue sweatshirt
  • White shirt or red, white or navy polo shirt
  • Plain grey, black or white socks
  • Grey or black tailored shorts may be worn as alternative to trousers

Girls (FS2 – Y6)

  • Grey or black skirt/pinafore or trousers
  • Red or blue checked dress
  • Red or navy blue sweatshirt or cardigan
  • White blouse or red, white or navy polo shirt
  • Plain grey, black or white socks or tights
  • Grey/black tailored knee length shorts may be worn as an alternative to a skirt or trousers

The Governing Body reserves the right to request that items considered inappropriate by the Headteacher are not worn at school unless for an agreed non-uniform day.

Sweatshirts with the school badge are available on order from school however these are not essential, similar colour sweatshirts are available form local supermarkets and other retailers.

In the interests of safety, pupils are expected to wear sensible and appropriate footwear. Plain black open toed sandals are permissable during the summer term only, however, flip-flops and other shoes that cannot be fastened at the back should not  be worn for school. Please ensure that socks are worn at all times.  Training shoes are not permitted for everyday use but can of course be worn during P.E. or at break time.

For Physical Education the following items are suggested depending on the weather. The Governing Body have asked that branded sports items are not worn.

Physical Education

  • Sweatop (Black, grey and navy blue)
  • T-shirt / polo top (White/navy/red)
  • Shorts / Netball skirt (Black)
  • Tracksuit (Black, grey and navy blue)

Sportswear such as replica football shirts are not allowed for normal everyday use.

Please find below the link for the website that we are now using for ordering our school uniform.

Order Uniform Online